Classic Tie Dye Live Wallpaper

【免費個人化App】Classic Tie Dye Live Wallpaper-APP點子

The Classic Tie Dye Live Wallpaper includes 8 beautiful live wallpaper backgrounds in one.

* Classic

* Tie Dye Melt

* Chaos

* Tranquility

【免費個人化App】Classic Tie Dye Live Wallpaper-APP點子

* Mind Wave

* Melt

* Spirit Temple

* Light Dance

Each wallpaper has its own theme with full animation that reacts to scrolling.

CLASSIC (Free and full version)

【免費個人化App】Classic Tie Dye Live Wallpaper-APP點子

This wallpaper is designed after classic 60’s style psychedelic imagery, sometimes seen in old movies from that time period.

TIE DYE MELT (Free and full version)

This one is designed to look similar to a tie dye shirt pattern. Colors slowly morph, while twirling color shifting stars dance around the screen.

CHAOS (Full version only)

Is a dark theme, full of a lot of movement.

TRANQUILITY (Full version only)

This is designed to be relaxing and almost hypnotic.

MIND WAVE (Full version only)

【免費個人化App】Classic Tie Dye Live Wallpaper-APP點子

This is another relaxing wallpaper. This one includes a relaxing flowing background of patterns that look almost like waves. Colored lights drift around the screen.

MELT (Full version only)

This is pure eye candy. It’s a dark wallpaper that has various color shifting objects melting across the screen.

SPIRIT TEMPLE (Full version only)

This is totally different from the rest, featuring a pyramid, an ancient magical shifting stone orb, and ghostly sacred mushroom stones, designed after ancient Aztec and Mayan artwork.

LIGHT DANCE (Full version only)

This is a modern fast flashing techno style audio visualization wallpaper that reacts to sound input from the microphone.


【免費個人化App】Classic Tie Dye Live Wallpaper-APP點子

Like all my wallpapers, this live wallpaper goes to sleep as soon as the tablet or phone’s screen is off, or when another application gains focus. This conserves battery life and frees up the CPU. This is an important feature not present in a lot of other wallpapers.

CUSTOM MODE (Full version only)

The custom mode lets you design your own live wallpaper using the different built it backgrounds, foregrounds, overlays, floating objects, blending effects, melting, etc. You can literally make hundreds of custom live wallpaper combinations using the built customization options.


There are also many rendering options available (16-bit modes, 32-bit modes, memory saving options, melt, fading, render speed, etc.) that allow you to fine tune the wallpaper for best performance on your phone or tablet. The free version only supports 16-bit and 32-bit mode settings, all other settings are only available in the full version.


This live wallpaper is designed for both portrait and landscape mode, and works for phones and large tablets. It has been extensively tested on the Samsung Infuse 4G phones, Craig Netbook CLP281x, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 inch, Arnova 7 G2 7 inch, and Arnova 10 G2 10 inch tablets.


【免費個人化App】Classic Tie Dye Live Wallpaper-APP點子

This wallpaper is designed to match my popular Classic Tie Dye Keyboard Skin also available on Google Play. A matching Go Launcher theme is also soon to be available.

【免費個人化App】Classic Tie Dye Live Wallpaper-APP點子

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