Clean Cube networks

【免費工具App】Clean Cube networks-APP點子

Clean Cube networks keep the outdoor places clean with the efficient collection management functions and planning.

Clean Cube networks collects data from the areas that need collection through real-time monitoring with M2M technology that connects it to Clean Cube; solar-powered compaction bin.

Clean Cube networks allows dramatically more efficient collection process than a traditional method by reducing unnecessary collections and placing human labor on sties. Moreover, it can help managers to do better plan for the collection by allocating their resources at a right place and time.

* Meticulous monitoring function

- Real-time base monitoring for waste level

【免費工具App】Clean Cube networks-APP點子

- Automatic sorting for the areas that need collection

- Real-time notice for any devices with wireless connection

* SMART statistics report

【免費工具App】Clean Cube networks-APP點子

- Provide monthly/weekly statistics report

- Data comparison for each region/product for better management

【免費工具App】Clean Cube networks-APP點子

- Convenient visualization with maps and charts

* Flexible user environment

- Mobile Application

【免費工具App】Clean Cube networks-APP點子

( iPhone® , Android™, and any other HTML5 compatible devices)

【免費工具App】Clean Cube networks-APP點子

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