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There are a lot of different organizations who seem to want to be involved in how carpet cleaning chemicals are made these days. Carpet manufacturers, product and “green” certification groups, and industry training organizations all seem to have something to say, as well as recommended or required “guidelines.” Many cleaning solution manufacturers have bent over backwards and changed formulations trying to “fit-in.”

At HydraMaster, our CleanMaster brand of cleaning solutions march to the orders of a more important boss when it comes to our formulations – you, the professional cleaner and restorer. You have to answer first and foremost to your customers. You are judged primarily by how well you improve the appearance of the carpet, upholstery, or hard surface; and how long it stays clean after you have left. Your customer needs to be thrilled by how effective you are and nothing beats the “ol’ eyeball test.”

Sure, CleanMaster formulates cleaning solutions that allow you to clean faster, dry faster, and resist rapid resoiling. It considers the input and guidelines of industry stakeholders. But we formulate solutions primarily for you. When we can help make YOU the HERO with your customer, we know we have done our job.

The Genesis of a New Clean

CleanMaster Solutions from HydraMaster are specifically formulated to meet the demanding and often grueling needs of the professional carpet cleaner and restorer. Since we make the equipment, we formulate products that will synergistically work most effectively at cleaning, while protecting your equipment investment.

At the same time, the chemists and product development folks at CleanMaster know they have to develop cleaning products that provide their customers with industry leading technology and performance when it comes to cleaning effectiveness, appearance improvement, preventing re-soiling, and reducing overall drying times.

【免費書籍App】CleanMaster Solutions-APP點子

【免費書籍App】CleanMaster Solutions-APP點子

【免費書籍App】CleanMaster Solutions-APP點子

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