Climate Preparedness TaskForce

【免費書籍App】Climate Preparedness TaskForce-APP點子

The Climate Preparedness and Resilience mobile app serves the information and communication needs of a task force of state, local, and tribal officials to advise on key actions the US Federal government can take to better support local climate preparedness and resilience efforts.

The task force will provide recommendations to the President on removing barriers to resilient investments, modernizing Federal grant and loan programs to better support local efforts, and developing information tools to better serve communities. The number of citizens and stakeholders involved in this process will ultimately be determined by task member efforts to educate people and solicit input.

The CPR Task Force app serves as a tasking and engagement tool for all participants to stay informed on all Task Force activities; to share and disseminate knowledge and resources; and to connect with stakeholders, constituents, and new audiences.


Download the CPR Task Force app and stay connected to the President’s Climate Action Plan, the Task Force and the issue of climate preparedness and resilience.

App features include:

➢ Timely message notification system

➢ Events/meetings calendar

【免費書籍App】Climate Preparedness TaskForce-APP點子

➢ Map of Task Force officials

➢ One-touch dial to members and staff

➢ Quick connect/share

➢ Up-to-date Task Force subgroup activities

➢ Key resources/links related to the President’s Climate Action Plan and CPR Task Force

➢ Executive Orders and memorandums

➢ Must-watch videos

【免費書籍App】Climate Preparedness TaskForce-APP點子

➢ Task Force Recommendation form

➢ Surveys and discussions

【免費書籍App】Climate Preparedness TaskForce-APP點子

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