Cloud Ablum

【免費生產應用App】Cloud Ablum-APP點子

---More than 5,000,000 users are using Cloud Album---

Cloud Album is another boutique of PhotoWonder Team.

Cloud Album is your personal web album with large and free memory of 5G.

Cloud Album is an intelligent application based on powerful Cloud Storage service, and a comprehensive combination of Cloud computing core technology and Cloud service character.

【People are all speaking highly of Cloud Album】

Photo auto backup is cool!! My mother can see my photos whenever and wherever. --leon9527

Shake to share finally comes out, it is enjoyable!——Judy-丁

【Key characters】

- Smart View

Show you the albums you want.

- Quick Search

Find the photos by timeline.

- Original Storage with Large Album Space of 5G

【免費生產應用App】Cloud Ablum-APP點子

Original upload without compression, complete remaining of each image detail, and with a large free memory of 5G.

- Face Searching

Only a photo of your friend’s front face is needed to search for his/her photos in Cloud Album.

- Upload and Browse Photos Whenever and Wherever

Batch upload, triple backup and without data line.

- Local Photo Browser

Able to browse both local and web photos, your photos are all here.

- Offline Browser

Able to browse cache photos without network.

- Auto Backup

Open to auto upload phone photos to cloud album in Wi-Fi.


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【免費生產應用App】Cloud Ablum-APP點子

【免費生產應用App】Cloud Ablum-APP點子

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