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Keep track of your AWS cloud costs with CloudVertical's Cost Meter.

Never wake up to an unexpected bill again! Track cost data in line with new deployments or marketing campaigns that drive your service usage. Get an awareness of your cost right down to an average hourly level and understand what drives cost at a granular level.

Manage your spend - know at any time of the day or month what your balance is, and analyse your spend over the last hour, day,  week or  month.

If you haven't already, just create CloudVertical user account and provide your AWS credentials. Then simply login to the CostMeter using your newly created account and app will start providing useful information on your Cloud Costs almost immediately.

CloudVertical's Cloud Cost Meter allows you to get a snapshot of your Cloud Costs within seconds, anytime of the day or night.

Currently Provides:

- AWS Account Balance

- Multiple AWS Account Support

- EC2 Individual Instance Costs

【免費商業App】Cloud Costs-APP點子

- Analyse Cost over Custom Time Frame

Coming soon:

- Multi Currency

- Alerting

- Private Cloud Cost Metering

【免費商業App】Cloud Costs-APP點子

- Usage Data

... and more

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