Cloud Explorer for OneDrive

【免費工具App】Cloud Explorer for OneDrive-APP點子

Conveniently and easily manage your OneDrive account. Download and upload files and folders from and to your OneDrive account as easy as copy & paste, fast and reliable.

*** SkyDrive is now OneDrive

*** Upload any file types, no restrictions.

【免費工具App】Cloud Explorer for OneDrive-APP點子

*** Upload full size photos, no scale down.

*** Now support multiple OneDrive accounts.


【免費工具App】Cloud Explorer for OneDrive-APP點子

- Downloads and uploads multiple files and nested folders in one batch.

- Copy, move, rename files and folders.

【免費工具App】Cloud Explorer for OneDrive-APP點子

- Create new folders and albums.

- Open OneDrive documents (tap a file to open in its file viewer, if installed)

【免費工具App】Cloud Explorer for OneDrive-APP點子

- Audio and Video streaming.

- Photo viewer.

【免費工具App】Cloud Explorer for OneDrive-APP點子

- View photos and videos thumbnails, so you know which files you want.

- Access the folders and files shared by your friends.

【免費工具App】Cloud Explorer for OneDrive-APP點子

- View OneDrive documents and folders in the browser (tap & hold an item and select View in browser).

- Share OneDrive documents and folders with others via email, facebook, twitter, ... (tap & hold an item and select Share from the menu)

【免費工具App】Cloud Explorer for OneDrive-APP點子

- Open the local files from the application, no need for another file manager.

- Upload files from other applications (like Gallery and File Manager) via “Share” menu.

- Logout support

*** Authentication is done through the Microsoft's Live web site so we never know your email or password.

*** Please send us your support issues to our email or choose “Contact us” from the app menu.

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