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This live wallpaper use an implementation of the Perlin Noise algorithm to produce realistic, animated white clouds in a blue sky.

This program is quite CPU intensive, and requires support for live wallpapers as well as a modern handset.

The customisation options available to the user are:

Detail level: The overall quality of the cloud effect. Higher values are much more CPU intensive, suggested values are 4 or 5 for fast devices.

Upgrade to the full version of "Clouds" for just €0.82 to get these additional features:

Zoom level: (Not available in Free Version) The "camera distance" from the cloud image, higher value are closer, lower values are further away. Suggested value is about 40.

Animation rate:(Not available in Free Version) The amount that the cload image will move with each "frame" of animation. Lower values are more seamless, (suggested values 3 -5) very high values (1000 or more) can be used for a "slideshow" effect,

【免費個人化App】Clouds - Free Version-APP點子

with each frame of animation different from the last.

Enter Seed:(Not available in Free Version) The Perlin noise algorithm allows a "seed" value to be used to regenerate the same cloud data every time. Experiment with different values to produce different cloud fields, then remember your favourites!

Max seed value is 100,000

【免費個人化App】Clouds - Free Version-APP點子

Please email me with any comments, suggestions, or bug reports:

I am also available for freelance work or custom apps/programming.

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