Coffee Roaster

【免費生活App】Coffee Roaster-APP點子

V2.1 – now supports sharing of roasting profiles to Facebook – try it out and share with your friends.

V2.0 – Converted to Windows Phone 8

【免費生活App】Coffee Roaster-APP點子

Use this app as a diary of your coffee roasting. Add tasting notes, mark favorites and read about essential coffee facts. A future release will allow you to share your roasts with other users and to pull down roasting profiles created by others. Enjoy – happy cupping!

Are you a home coffee roaster or thinking about it? Maybe you just want to be more knowledgeable about coffee, roasting, tasting etc. This app is a great companion.

【免費生活App】Coffee Roaster-APP點子


- Timer to capture roast intervals – roast time, 1st crack, 2nd crack, total time etc

- Store roasting profiles including type of coffee, roaster type, temperature, roast level achieved

【免費生活App】Coffee Roaster-APP點子

- Log of all roasts

- Favorite roasts

- Capture tasting notes

- Extensive material that show roasting levels, explains tasting process and much more

【免費生活App】Coffee Roaster-APP點子

- V2.1 – Sharing to FaceBook

Please use the feedback option on the About page.

【免費生活App】Coffee Roaster-APP點子

We are already working on the next release that will allow you to share your roast profile and notes with other app users – stay tuned.

We know you will find this a useful app and pleasing in its simple modern design.

【免費生活App】Coffee Roaster-APP點子

Oh did we mention it is FREE.

【免費生活App】Coffee Roaster-APP點子

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