Come Dine

【免費生活App】Come Dine-APP點子

Create your own Come-Dine experience with family and friends. Wow your friends, get together and host a dinner party.

Simply register and begin organising your party(s). Once the evening is over guests can vote and add comments about their experience.

Why not make it interesting and add a little healthy competitive spirit by having a prize for the winner? No one can see the results until the last person has added their vote to the last dinner party.

【免費生活App】Come Dine-APP點子

All you have to do is :

> Log in

> Create an event

> Invite your guests, have loads of fun and rate your parties

【免費生活App】Come Dine-APP點子

It's all so simple with features like:

> add as many diners as you like

> each diner gets their own log in

【免費生活App】Come Dine-APP點子

> rate your diners party

> once all parties are over and everyone has rated, you can view the results and enjoy the glory of gaining the highest score!

【免費生活App】Come Dine-APP點子

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