Conductor for INSTEON

【免費工具App】Conductor for INSTEON-APP點子

Control your INSTEON home automation network with your ISY and Android!

Conductor for Android connects with and controls your ISY-99 or Orchestrator to manage your INSTEON home automation network. Control and monitor your lighting and devices in real-time both inside your home and from the internet.

Requires Universal Devices ISY-99 or Orchestrator (992/994) and INSTEON PLM!


* Real-time status updates from your lights, scenes, programs

* Choose favorite or active devices, scenes or programs for quick access

* ISY/Orchestrator folder support allows you to organize your devices, scenes and programs

* View and control your INSTEON thermostats

* View, run or stop your ISY/Orchestrator programs

* View and control IP web cameras with snapshot stills, MJPEG streaming, pan, tilt, zoom and presets (if your camera supports these features)

* Support for the WeatherBug ISY/Orchestrator module

【免費工具App】Conductor for INSTEON-APP點子

* Use widgets for quickly viewing/toggling a device, scene or program

* Secure Conductor with a PIN to prevent changes to the settings or prevent access to the app altogether

* Lock down Conductor to a single room/folder

* Control multiple ISY/Orchestrator controllers with the Locations feature (and use themes to tell the difference between them)

* Discovers your ISY/Orchestrator automatically on your local WiFi network


* "Write to external storage" permission is required to save IP camera snapshots to your SD card

IP Cameras Supported:

Airlink101 AIC250

AXIS 200 Series

【免費工具App】Conductor for INSTEON-APP點子

AXIS 2100 Series

BSTI PD100 Series

Channel Vision 6522 IP Bullet Camera

Cisco VC200 Series

DigiLan TV7204

D-Link DCS-2100

D-Link DCS-3200

D-Link DCS-3220

【免費工具App】Conductor for INSTEON-APP點子

D-Link DCS-5300

D-Link DCS-6620

Foscam IP Camera

Generic URL (http://host/image.jpg)

Genius IpCam Secure

Intellinet 503792

LevelOne FCS-1030

Linksys WVC54GCA Wireless Network Camera

【免費工具App】Conductor for INSTEON-APP點子

Linksys WVC200 Series

Microseven 550 TVL

Mobotix M22

Panasonic BB Series IP Network Camera

Panasonic BL Series IP Network Camera

Panasonic WV Series

Solwise SEC-MJCAS-210IR


【免費工具App】Conductor for INSTEON-APP點子

TRENDnet SecurView TV-IP110

TRENDnet IP200


TRENDnet ProView TV-IP301

TRENDnet SecurView TV-IP312

TRENDnet ProView TV-IP400

TRENDnet ProView TV-IP500

Trust NW-7100

【免費工具App】Conductor for INSTEON-APP點子


Zavio F521E

See for a full list of the cameras and features supported.

【免費工具App】Conductor for INSTEON-APP點子

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