Consequences Bluetooth

【免費拼字App】Consequences Bluetooth-APP點子

Consequences Bluetooth is a modern twist on the old Victorian parlour story writing game. It allows you to play the game of consequences on your device with a friend or via Bluetooth between any two Bluetooth enabled devices. Using your wildest imagination to create a unique and amusing story.


-Play consequences with a friend on one device.

【免費拼字App】Consequences Bluetooth-APP點子

-Play consequences with a friend on two devices via Bluetooth.

-Share your consequences stories using the Android share function.

【免費拼字App】Consequences Bluetooth-APP點子

-Play back the stories using Text to Speech (Honeycomb OS onwards).


-Bluetooth: Pairing and Settings.

【免費拼字App】Consequences Bluetooth-APP點子

-Full network access.

I am a student at University and this is my first Android project. Although available for all devices, this application has only been tested on a small range, if errors occur, please let me know through my Developers email details.

【免費拼字App】Consequences Bluetooth-APP點子

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