Consultant Buddy: Party Calc

【免費商業App】Consultant Buddy: Party Calc-APP點子

Direct Sales Entrepreneur’s!

Total up your sales for your customers in style.

(NEW FEATURE) On version 2.1

【免費商業App】Consultant Buddy: Party Calc-APP點子

Consultant Cloud! read below.

Key Features:

~Built in calculator

~Total up your sales for your clients

【免費商業App】Consultant Buddy: Party Calc-APP點子

~Consultant Cloud ( New )

~Mileage and Fees recorder ( New )

~Include your taxes, handling, and shipping fees. ( saved until edited )

【免費商業App】Consultant Buddy: Party Calc-APP點子

~Email custom Invoices to your clients. with your unique company name and web address pre-formatted into the email.


Add your company name

Add your web address

【免費商業App】Consultant Buddy: Party Calc-APP點子

Change the theme / color of the main screen..

Add in your commission

~Mileage Tracking

Add in your travel mileage and travel expenses for your tax write off's at the end of the year.

【免費商業App】Consultant Buddy: Party Calc-APP點子

Once you’ve got the app setting set to your preference, you’ll be speeding up your client check out process by 100% and you’ll impress your customers with this Amazing, Simple, Beautiful, Useful.. app

We guarantee.


【免費商業App】Consultant Buddy: Party Calc-APP點子

Version 2.1

Ok, I’ve been busy working on a major new feature for Consultant Buddy.

Drum roll please ……..*

【免費商業App】Consultant Buddy: Party Calc-APP點子

~Consultant Cloud:

Amaze your colleagues, Impress your friends, Make them wish they could be as awesome as you.

With this amazing new feature you can now access important information on the go..

【免費商業App】Consultant Buddy: Party Calc-APP點子

Need to look up the price for a product? No need to go through the hassle of surfing the corporate website. Now you can grab product information with just a couple of clicks.

Get CURRENT information for your products~

Quickly snap the price into the subtotal by tapping the “Add Price Button”

Efficiently tally up your sales

【免費商業App】Consultant Buddy: Party Calc-APP點子

Price of product.

Product descriptions.

Serial number.

【免費商業App】Consultant Buddy: Party Calc-APP點子

Product options and more..

The Beauty of the “Consultant Cloud” is. I can update the current catalogs or add new Company Catalogs at any time and it will be available instantly..

If you would like your company catalog added to the Cloud. Just send me a request with a web link, and I will do my best to add it quickly.

Just setup your user profile from the cloud page.

Once your setup and logged in.

【免費商業App】Consultant Buddy: Party Calc-APP點子

Select your company.

Then search our database for a relevant key word.

A list of products will be shown with all matches from the search.

Current List as of 8/5/14

【免費商業App】Consultant Buddy: Party Calc-APP點子

Thirty-One Gifts

Mary Kay


【免費商業App】Consultant Buddy: Party Calc-APP點子

Lia Sophia

Gold Canyon

Perfectly Posh

【免費商業App】Consultant Buddy: Party Calc-APP點子



It Works

Jamberry Nails

Pampered Chef

Passion Parties

Request your catalog to be added from ( ..


Perfect for Consultants working with..

Avon; Thirty One; Damsel in Defense; Dove Chocolate; Gold Canyon; In A Pikle; It Works; Jamberry Nails; Jewelry in Candles; Lia Sophia; Mary Kay; Mialisa; Miche; Origami Owl; Pampered Chef; Partylite; Passion Parties; Pink Zebra; Posh; Pure Romance; Scentsy; Sensuous Playroom; Slumber Parties; South Hill Designs; Tastefully Simple; Tupperware; UnderCover Wear; Wildtree; Younique; SeneGence; Cabi; Pleasure Parties; Rodan and Fields;

And any other Direct Sales Company.

Please contact me with your questions or app improvement suggestions.

I look forward to answering any and all of your questions.

Enjoy your sales!

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