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The Genesys Advisor Performance Management Suite is a real-time management solution which brings information together, provides coherent and useful answers, and empowers its users to take action.

Contact Center Advisor-Mobile Edition (Mobile Edition) extends the real-time insight of the Contact Center Advisor solution to the mobile user. Mobile Edition connects managers on-the-go with key performance indicators so they can collaborate and solve service issues before they evolve into critical performance problems.

Mobile Edition allows managers to monitor or be alerted to contact center performance in real-time, wherever they are located, across multi-channels (voice, chat, and email). Results are viewed within a business-centric framework that includes measures like revenue and customer satisfaction. Threshold alerts pro-actively warn managers about evolving issues. Performance measures are displayed using metrics, graphical alerts, and charts.

Mobile Edition displays such indicators such as:

- Service quality performance

- Inbound and outbound call volume

- Talk time

【免費商業App】Contact Center Advisor Mobile-APP點子

- After call work time

- Handle time

- Transfer

【免費商業App】Contact Center Advisor Mobile-APP點子

- Average speed of answer

- Abandoned calls

Mobile Edition provides immediate access to contact center metrics and key performance indicators across multiple levels of the organization. Over 35 unique metrics are available to meet the specific requirements of various user communities, from C-level executives to command center personnel.

Lines of business, call centers, and virtual queue groups are organized hierarchically, providing viewing flexibility to match the user’s preferences and needs. Mobile Edition displays detailed information regarding the activity and performance of these lines of business, call centers, and virtual queue groups.

Performance metrics in Mobile Edition are available as a real-time “snapshot,” as a summary for the rolling five-minute ‘Now’ interval, the last thirty minutes, and as a summary of the current day.

【免費商業App】Contact Center Advisor Mobile-APP點子

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