Contact Widget Frames Pro

【免費個人化App】Contact Widget Frames Pro-APP點子

Decorate Your Phone Desktop More Colorful with Contact Widget Frames.

Many sizes and shapes, easy to configure.

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【免費個人化App】Contact Widget Frames Pro-APP點子

Special notes and drawings options, One-Click option and many more - just check it out!

Avilable contact, picture widgets:

2x2 TRANSPARENT SHAPES! check it out! (NEW)

2x2 Polaroid Picture frame! With rotation settings!

1x4 Multi-choice panel!


【免費個人化App】Contact Widget Frames Pro-APP點子

1x1-Pure Text



2x2-Picture/Photo - frame

【免費個人化App】Contact Widget Frames Pro-APP點子

4x4-Picture/Photo - frame(2.3.7+)

Action indicators for one-click widgets (right bottom corner of picture: email, text, call)

With Contact Widget BCW Pro you can:

- put one contact or many contacts on your screen

- select your own image or use default pictures or photos for your contacts

- use Facebook avatar for contact widget picture

【免費個人化App】Contact Widget Frames Pro-APP點子

- configure actions for contact widgets

- use different contacts widget sizes and shapes

- crop photos to select desired area for widget

- collect notes regarding selected contacts

【免費個人化App】Contact Widget Frames Pro-APP點子

- organize it the way you want!

- use oneClick or twoClick actions

- decorate your contacts by simply drawing on pictures

- choose skins for buttons in main menu

You can use it also as Photo Widget, Photo Frame or just to place picture using different widget size.

【免費個人化App】Contact Widget Frames Pro-APP點子

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