Analyze your contact list from various perspectives and optimize it on your own terms. Checkout this light-weight, "read-only" analysis tool that does not edit your contacts or does not copy your information anywhere else. You can review the details provided by the application and make changes to your contacts yourself. This app gives a snapshot of your contact information in various views as given below:(a) Duplicate Contacts: Identify the duplicate entries in your contacts: (a.1) By Name : Identify the duplicate entries by Name and view the details of each entry. (a.2) By Phone Number: Identify the duplicate entries by Phone Number and view the details of each entry. (a.1) By E-mail: Identify the duplicate entries by e-mail and view the details of each entry.(b) Missing Fields: Identify the entries that miss the key contact attributes: (b.1) Empty Phone Numbers : Identify the entries with empty phone numbers. (b.2) Empty Names: Identify the entries that do not have a name associated.(c) Organizer: Provides 3 miscellaneous views to let you get organized: (c.1) Grouped By Company : List the companies in the contact list and see the contacts associated with each company as well as their details. (c.2) Linked from social media: There may be contacts in your phonebook that would have got copied from social media knowingly or otherwise. You may not want to keep all of them in your contact list. This feature will help you to see those contacts so that you can take necessary steps. (c.3) Birthdays coming up...: This will list the contacts whose birthdays are coming up this month or next month (for whom birthdays are updated).Please note that this application does not update anything on your phone on its own. The purpose of this app is to show you how your contact list looks like, so that you can take necessary action at your leisure. The possibilities of such updates are numerous and are purely personal. Therefore, we did not want to take those decisions on your behalf or make you uncolfortable by reading your address details into a separate location or template. Remember to allow access to the address book - this is only to read the details and show it to you.This is not copied or retained or updated at all.Enjoy this simple and worry free address book analyzer application....



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