Contactivity for Salesforce

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Contactivity for Salesforce is the easiest way to manage your Contacts and Activities in one same place, is the best app to extend the power to your iPhone/iPod. Increases Sales Productivity by working with Leads, Opportunities and Contacts in a whole different way, it's fast, it's productive, it's Cloud.

Ready to use with Group Edition, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition !!

Contactivity for Salesforce: Drive Sales Productivity through your Smartphone !!!

Features included (What can I do with Contactivity for Salesforce):

- Easily and faster, create events in your iPhone/iPod, they will be uploaded to your ORG.

- Event and Task Synchronisation with your ORG (iCloud or local).

- One click and mark your Tasks as COMPLETED.

- After calling decide with a single click if you want to log this in the activity history of leads, opportunities and contacts.

- Send emails from your iPhone/iPod and log them in the activity history.

- We've added FaceTime and Skype functionality so you can keep track of every call and never miss logging them.

- One click to Check-In a Lead or Contact.

- One click access your complete ORG.

【免費商業App】Contactivity for Salesforce-APP點子

- On the Go, share your dashboards screenshots or any attached file. (PDF, PPTs, etc.)

- iCloud calendar so you can have your activities in all your devices.

- With Contactivity for Salesforce manage your iPhone/iPod Address Book and Salesforce Contacts in one same place with great functionalities to increase Productivity.

Additional features:

- Manage multi-currency opportunities.

- One click access to chatter.

- No information is stored in the device to enhance data security.

"Unleash the power of your iPhone to Drive Sales Productivity"

Contactivity for Salesforce delivers the right information in the right time and in the right place !!!

Contactivity for Salesforce helps you go Mobile !!!

【免費商業App】Contactivity for Salesforce-APP點子

Contactivity for Salesforce helps you increase Sales Productivity !!!

【免費商業App】Contactivity for Salesforce-APP點子

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