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Simple User friendly Application that backups your contacts. Backup your Contacts regularly with options to send backup via Email and Bluetooth. Easy restore by just clicking on the .vcf File. Keep your backup file safe by sending it via email. Copy it from the mobile SD Card to your computer. Contacts from VCF File are automatically restored on one click by most smartphones. Easy Auto - Backup Facility. Backups your contacts daily at 8 a.m. No need for you to manually go and backup. Keep your Contacts backup daily by enabling Auto Backup.

Key Features :

1. Backup is completely offline. Your contacts are not accessed by us.

2. Multiple sending options to Gmail, Yahoo, any Email Account, Google Drive, Dropbox, Bluetooth, Skype

【免費工具App】Contacts Backup-APP點子

3. Easy restore, only click the Contacts.vcf File.

4. File present on SD Card, can be easily moved to the computer.

【免費工具App】Contacts Backup-APP點子

5. Auto - Backup Facility for daily backup of Contacts.


1. Download the VCF File.

2. Click the file. Your smartphone will automatically restore your contacts.

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