Contacts Import Lite

【免費工具App】Contacts Import Lite-APP點子

Note this is the Lite version of the application. It allows you to test full functionality of the import and export with 50 contacts before buying the PRO version which supports up to 5,000 contacts.

Ever wanted to import your contacts from Microsoft Outlook onto your phone with a few simple clicks? Or wanted to quickly transfer your contacts from one Android phone to another? Then this app is your answer!

This app is the Swiss Army knife for Android contacts with all the features you will ever need in a small highly optimised app with no evil cloud syncing. With this app you will never have to give your contacts to Google, Yahoo, or any other Cloud service again. Your contacts will remain confidential to you.

Multi-language fully supported including all common localised codepages (from US & Western Europe to Eastern Europe to China and Japan) and also UTF, so you get your contact information exactly how it should be on the phone.



- Import contacts from a CSV file

- Backup and Restore Contacts

- Export contacts from any account to a CSV file

- Delete contacts and groups from any account

【免費工具App】Contacts Import Lite-APP點子

- View contacts and groups from any account

- Comprehensive in-app logging.

This app requires no internet permissions. Your contacts will never be shared and will always remain fully in your control. See below for a list and explanation of the permissions required by this app.

Please try this lite version first which gives you all the features but limits them to 50 contacts. It does not have any annoying ads. Please purchase the full version for all these great features with support for up to 5000 contacts.



A full list and explanation of the permissions required by this app:

- Find accounts on device

Needed to get a list of existing contacts accounts on the phone

【免費工具App】Contacts Import Lite-APP點子

- Add or remove accounts

Needed to create this app's "My Contacts" contact account on the phone

- Create accounts and set passwords

- Use accounts on this device

Both needed to access and view contacts in any contact account on the phone

- Read sync statistics

- Read sync settings

- Toggle sync on and off

All needed to create and manage a sync adaptor used to read and write contacts to this app's "My Contacts" contact account

- Read your contacts

【免費工具App】Contacts Import Lite-APP點子

Needed to read contacts from any contacts account on the phone

- Modify your contacts

Needed to write contacts to this app's "My Contacts" contact account on the phone

- Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

Needed to save contact backup and export files to the SD card

- Modify system settings

- Test access to protected storage

Both needed to save this app's preferences

- Prevent phone from sleeping

【免費工具App】Contacts Import Lite-APP點子

Needed when processing a large number of contacts when the app is in the background. Released immediately when no longer required

【免費工具App】Contacts Import Lite-APP點子

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