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【免費社交App】Contacts to Gmail AppDoor-Help-APP點子

This App is sending contacts(stored on your mobile phone) to a Google E-Mail and this App is a free app very easy.

Received E-Mail contacts-list file has stored name, phone number, E-Mail address in your cell phone.

This contacts-list file is text file. And you open this file using a suitable program.

【免費社交App】Contacts to Gmail AppDoor-Help-APP點子

After installing this app, you have to read user agreement and agree.

Setup is simple. You just enter your name, Google E-Mail address, Google E-Mail password.

You use this App immediately.

【免費社交App】Contacts to Gmail AppDoor-Help-APP點子

[ Excellence in Security ]

This app is not connected to internet server computer for management.

Therefore, uesr information leaks by server hacking is not concerned.

User can directly manage your information, app's data. For this reason, this app provides excellent information security.

【免費社交App】Contacts to Gmail AppDoor-Help-APP點子

[ Notification ]

If this mobile phone is not yours, then you do not install this app to other people's mobile phone, please?

【免費社交App】Contacts to Gmail AppDoor-Help-APP點子

[ Introduce other Apps developed by AppDoor ]

* GPS/Call Tracking (Where are you? : 5 People, Soft Version : 4 People, Light Version : 3 People, Lite Version : 2 People)

* GPS/Call Tracker PRO-5 (including stored contacts list)

【免費社交App】Contacts to Gmail AppDoor-Help-APP點子

* "GPS/Call Tracking-Where are you?" Pro app shows family, friends, lovers and co-workers of the location information and cell phone call history(including stored contacts list).

* If you download this app, you will continue to be used free of charge.

( No monthly fee = 0 $ )

* This app can be tracking up to 5 people including you.

【免費社交App】Contacts to Gmail AppDoor-Help-APP點子

[ This app need to ]

- Location(Locale) and call history(call log) information those who need

- Your aging parent's life information those who need

- Your children's life(school,bullying) information those who need

- Suspicious person your spouse's life(Husband, Wife)

- Your lover's or friend life information those who need

- Your employee's working information those who need (This app provides manager mode)

- Detective agency : Find People, Adultery, Liaison, Fornication, Affair, Surveillance those who need

【免費社交App】Contacts to Gmail AppDoor-Help-APP點子

[ App Name ]

* GPS/Call Tracking-Where are U? ( 5 People Tracking )

* GPS/Call Tracking Soft Ver. ( 4 People Tracking )

* GPS/Call Tracking Light Ver. ( 3 People Tracking )

* GPS/Call Tracking Lite Version ( 2 People Tracking )

* GPS/Call Tracker PRO-5 Tracker ( 5 People Tracking )

* GPS/Call Tracker PRO-4 Tracker ( 4 People Tracking )

* GPS/Call Tracker PRO-3 Tracker ( 3 People Tracking )

* GPS/Call Tracker PRO-2 Tracker ( 2 People Tracking )


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