When it comes to backup and restore your contacts no one takes chances but ContactsWare, the best contacts backup and restore app that takes care

of you so you will never loose any of your contacts ever again. Easy and intuitive backup and restore processes, your contacts will be saved


on our secure servers.

Backing up or restoring contacts is as easy as pushing a single button.

Key Features:


- Secure data transfer over SSL layer directly to our secure servers

- Data kept encrypted using AES symmetric key encryption protected from prying eyes.


- Servers are available maximal time 99.9%.

- Data storage is being replicated over our secure cluster.


- Saving several separate contacts backup versions.

One time signed up with your primary email, no activation required.

With ContactsWare your contacts will survive phone corruption, theft or hardware switch.


Please verify during backup process that the total # of contacts that is saved locally on the phone


equals the number of contacts that were uploaded to the encrypted data storage.


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