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【免費財經App】Control Expenses-APP點子

*** Selected as the best app to control your finance by the Personal Computer Magazine (number 118) ***

Control Expenses is a highly flexible powerful application that lets you control your expenses and income through lists, and even if you wish, you can control the finances of your home or your business thanks to the posibility to create accounts, purses and fictitious loans.

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【免費財經App】Control Expenses-APP點子


The detail of features that you can find in this app are:

1) It is possible to add a photo of the purchase receipt for each expense.

2) It is possible to generate an spreadsheet with revenues and expenses incurred that you can send by mail, bluetooth, Dropbox, Evernote, Google docs, etc.

【免費財經App】Control Expenses-APP點子

3) The app also allows to send to a compressed file (zip) with the spreadsheet and the photos of the proof of purchase.

4) You can include income and expenses in different currencies, for which you must enter the exchange rate for the currency. You can check the exchange rate in our application.

5) You can see some statistics and reports, that allows you to:

a) View statistics of expenditure by type

【免費財經App】Control Expenses-APP點子

b) View statistics of income by type

c) Compare costs and revenue

d) Compare costs between lists

e) Compare income between lists

【免費財經App】Control Expenses-APP點子

f) View reports of 2 leves o 3 levels, for example, by

category, month and type of expense

6) You can see your expenses and revenues ordered with several sort options.

7) You can to backup your data and also you can to restore it.

【免費財經App】Control Expenses-APP點子

8) You can to add an alarm notification to the expenses/revenues you want for to remind you when you must to record the same entry again.

9) you can control the access to the app with a password.

10) Added virtual account, virtual wallets and virtual loans management, so you can control the amount of money that you have in each place. Now you will be able to charge a cost directly to your virtual accounts, or virtual wallets. Now you will see what is the situation of your finances because each expense or income can be charged against the accounts or walletes that you have defined.

11) You will be able to archive list.

【免費財經App】Control Expenses-APP點子

12) You will be able to use a widget that allows you to add fast reminders. You will be able to check your reminders later in the app and create an expense/income by clicking it.

13) This application allows you to record the amounts of the invoices that you have in our another app: Invoice Control.

【免費財經App】Control Expenses-APP點子

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