Control Panel - Smart Toggle

【免費工具App】Control Panel  - Smart Toggle-APP點子

Control Panel is A Swiss Army Knife Tool for Your Android Phone. Control Center contain commonly used switches of Android system and all installed apps, you could quickly toggle your switch and open your favorite apps with control center.

Major Feature

- Simple OS 9 flat design

- Support Toggle for Airplane Mode

- Support Toggle for Wi-FI

- Support Toggle for Silent mode

- Support Toggle for Data Connection

【免費工具App】Control Panel  - Smart Toggle-APP點子

- Support Toggle for Portrait Orientation Lock

- Support Toggle for Screen Timeout

- Support Toggle for Vibration Mode

- Support Toggle for Bluetooth

- Support Toggle for GPS

- Support Toggle for Account and Sync

【免費工具App】Control Panel  - Smart Toggle-APP點子

- Support Customize the Touchable Area

- Support Hide the Arrow Indicator

- Support Lock screen display

- Support Touch Vibration

- Support Different background color(grey and black)

- Support Customize the background transparency

【免費工具App】Control Panel  - Smart Toggle-APP點子

- Support Rearrange the toggles

- Support Restore the default the toggles

- Support Customize the favorite app shortcuts

- Support Restore the default app shortcuts

- Support Music Control(Play/Pause/Next)

- Support Date display

【免費工具App】Control Panel  - Smart Toggle-APP點子

- Support Adjust brightness

- Support Automatic brightness if the device supported

- Support Shortcut for Flashlight

- Support Shortcut for Clock

- Support Shortcut for Calculator

- Support Shortcut for Camera

【免費工具App】Control Panel  - Smart Toggle-APP點子

- Support Shortcut for System settings

- Support Shortcut for Control Center settings

- Support Real-time Memory info display

- Support Real-time Battery info display

- Support Real-time Storage info display

- Support Real-time CPU info display in Pro version

【免費工具App】Control Panel  - Smart Toggle-APP點子

- Long press the arrow indicator able to hide in status bar

- Support Samsung Galaxy S4(I9500), HTC One, Nexus 4, Nexus 7,Android 4.3 etc

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【免費工具App】Control Panel  - Smart Toggle-APP點子

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