ConvertIt - Unit Converter

【免費工具App】ConvertIt - Unit Converter-APP點子

Convert various units easily using this handy application - a number of categories are included as follows:

* Distance

* Area

* Volume

* Mass

* Density

* Speed

* Pressure

* Energy

【免費工具App】ConvertIt - Unit Converter-APP點子

* Power

* Frequency

* Magnetic Flux Density

* Dynamic Viscosity

* Temperature

* Heat Transfer Coefficient

* Time

* Angles

【免費工具App】ConvertIt - Unit Converter-APP點子

* Data Size

* Exchange Rates - internet required

* Fuel Efficiency

* Audio Signal Level

* Torque

* Force

* Radioactivity

* Radiation - Absorbed Dose

【免費工具App】ConvertIt - Unit Converter-APP點子

* Radiation - Equivalent Dose

* Radiation - Dose Rate

* Data Transfer Rate

It's very simple to use - enter the number, press the Convert button and, in the screens that follow, choose the category, the unit to convert from and the unit to convert to - it can handle both decimals and negative numbers as required

This functionality already comes bundled with the developer's Scientific Calculator application but the functionality also works well as a stand-alone application for those not needing the full functionality of a scientific calculator

This is an ad-supported app - an ad-free paid version is also available for USD 0.99 (or the equivalent in local currency) from this link:

【免費工具App】ConvertIt - Unit Converter-APP點子

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