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Converter Lite is a free and easy to use application that let's you convert over 25 different Units in 3 categories. The user inferface is simple and intuitive. It let's you find your desired conversion in record-time. No long and confusing dialogs! You want to revert you convertion? Just click on the output and enter a new value or change the old one - the interface in Converter Lite works both ways! Typed in a wrong input? Click on the value and it is gone.

【免費工具App】Converter LITE-APP點子

Converter Lite also checkes for wrong in- and output values. It is not possible to enter negative weight values for example. You can of course enter negative temperature values - but Converter Lite let's you know if you entered a value below absolute zero.

【免費工具App】Converter LITE-APP點子

If you like Converter Lite and want more units, more conversion and more categories than search Android Market for Converter. The full version offers you 12 categories for all your conversion needs!

Did you find an error or do you have any problems or questions? Please write an email to! Thanks!

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