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【免費生活App】CookMe Free-APP點子

What’s new in 1.8?

- Improved recipe import from recipe websites

- Improved recipe search

【免費生活App】CookMe Free-APP點子

- Bugfix concerning SkyDrive

What is CookMe?

【免費生活App】CookMe Free-APP點子

CookMe is … your cookbook:

CookMe only has the recipes you really like - that's it! And it's the only app that allows you to read your recipes conveniently while cooking.

CookMe is ... your assistant:

【免費生活App】CookMe Free-APP點子

CookMe can import recipes from great recipe websites, e.g.

CookMe is able to adjust your recipes according to the number of people you are cooking for. CookMe provides you with a shopping list.

CookMe is ... your memory:

【免費生活App】CookMe Free-APP點子

CookMe remembers when you cooked what and how you liked it. Besides that CookMe knows how often you cooked something.

CookMe is ... your inspiration:

Don't know what to cook? CookMe is here to help.

【免費生活App】CookMe Free-APP點子

Enter the ingredients you have and CookMe tells you which recipes you can cook. Or just shake your phone and CookMe will suggest a recipe.

More CookMe features coming up! Stay tuned!

【免費生活App】CookMe Free-APP點子

If you encounter any bugs or have good ideas for future features – don’t hesitate to get in contact with us! Become part of the CookMe project!

【免費生活App】CookMe Free-APP點子

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