Cool Drinks live wallpaper

【免費個人化App】Cool Drinks live wallpaper-APP點子

Completely free interactive live wallpaper.

Cool Drinks live wallpaper - Flawless combination of high-quality images, taken at a certain theme in landscape format.

Additional advantage of these live wallpaper is the convenience of manual settings, the ability to select the manual mode viewing animations

the ability to connect the sound module.

In this updated version of the application taking into account all the wishes of users and corrected mistakes of previous releases.

1. DESCRIPTION OF Cool Drinks live wallpaper WORK.

HQ backgrounds with carefully selected thematic high quality images move automatically.

In the settings, the user can easily fix the selected background image on the main screen, and change the settings change backgrounds,

【免費個人化App】Cool Drinks live wallpaper-APP點子

adjust the speed and direction of movement. Additional animation change the trajectory and speed on touch.

When you touch the center of the screen is activated sound that can be turned off or adjust the volume settings.

How to install Cool Drinks live wallpaper

1. HOMESCREEN - wallpapers - live wallpapers


1) Download and install

2) Main menu - Select the application icon - set wallpaper

The live wallpaper provides a news section and notification of new programs and the top best apps from the developer.

【免費個人化App】Cool Drinks live wallpaper-APP點子

Tell us the mail about your wishes and problems on installing and using the application.

Cool Drinks live wallpaper tested and stable runs on most popular models of the major manufacturers.

【免費個人化App】Cool Drinks live wallpaper-APP點子

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