CoolTweets Editor

【免費社交App】CoolTweets Editor-APP點子

Express your feelings and emotions using unique symbols. Play with CoolTweetsEditor and get the most out of Twitter!

Include icons in your tweets, use decorated fonts, "paint" with block characters, and even more.

You'll be able to write from regular text tweets with a little decoration to some kind of 'art' (search for: #twitterart or #140art on

Just play and discover what you can do...

Symbol categories:

✔ Miscellaneous

⇄ Arrows

【免費社交App】CoolTweets Editor-APP點子

★ Bubbles and Stars

▉ Building blocks

╠ Lines and boxes

【免費社交App】CoolTweets Editor-APP點子

웃 Figures

Ⅷ Numbers and maths

Font styles:

- 下口れ匕 (Oriental)

【免費社交App】CoolTweets Editor-APP點子

- FФИΓ (Russian)

- ҒΩΠT (Greek)

- ₣ONŦ (Dogma)

【免費社交App】CoolTweets Editor-APP點子

- ₣Ø₦₮ (Strikeout)

- főñt (Punctuation)

- ƒoŋţ (Tails)

【免費社交App】CoolTweets Editor-APP點子

- font (Courier)

- ҍҽƒҟѵ (Twing)

- ℑℳ℘ℵ (Script)

It has built-in Twitter authentication to tweet with a single click, but thanks to the system's copy&paste function it can be used too in any other apps that supports UNICODE symbols (Facebook, Blogs, etc).

CoolTweets Editor is currently available:

【免費社交App】CoolTweets Editor-APP點子

- In English, Spanish and Catalan languages (depending on the user locale settings).

- On Android and BlackBerry PlayBook platforms.

【免費社交App】CoolTweets Editor-APP點子

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