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Cores Live Wallpaper brings the Portal 2 feeling to your home screen. It features a custom made Portal 2 background and an animated Wheatley core who moves around the screen.

If you have a device with wallpaper scrolling, we recommend that you turn "Wallpaper scrolling" on in the preferences. Wheatley will then follow you around as you swipe through your home screens.

Tap Wheatley to make him go away, and tap an empty area of your home screen to make him go there.

Check out the preferences to tailor the wallpaper to your wishes.

The first version of this wallpaper was released Oct 8, 2011, under the name "Portal 2 Live Wallpaper". We are very happy to finally release a new version of it! The old wallpaper is still avaliable here:

Unlockable premium features:

Space Core-mode.

The cores speak when double-tapped.

Choose your own custom background image.

How to use:

【免費個人化App】Cores Live Wallpaper-APP點子

Long click your home screen -> Choose Wallpapers -> Choose Live Wallpaper -> Enjoy!


If the wallpaper gets stuck or Wheatley does not appear, try the following:

1. Re-apply the wallpaper.

2. Re-install the wallpaper.

3. Restart your phone.

(This problem can be caused by custom roms or custom launchers!)

Please contact me if you experience any problems using this wallpaper!

If the wallpaper crashes, please send inn the error report.

This application is not in any way associated with Valve Corporation. We are just two students who are big Portal fans.

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