Couch To 5K

【免費健康App】Couch To 5K-APP點子

Couch to 5K is a neat app that is designed to get couch potatoes off the couch and out running. The workout sessions in this program alternate between short periods of walking and running to get you acclimatized and slowly back into shape.

What this app does for you -

【免費健康App】Couch To 5K-APP點子

* Coaches you on when to run, walk, warm-up or cool-down (using voice prompts, large onscreen icons, or pulse coded vibrator alerts).

* Features a large 'time remaining' countdown timer to help keep you motivated - so can tell yourself its only so far to go.

* Tells you when it is time to turn around and head for home (with voice cue and a turn home icon on screen)

【免費健康App】Couch To 5K-APP點子

* Keeps track of what workouts you finished and when so it can tell you when you need to run next.

* Keeps a log of your workout history with this app.

* If you get a call and you have to leave the program it can start off right where you left off.

【免費健康App】Couch To 5K-APP點子

* Let the world know of your accomplishments by sharing your progress on facebook.

You can find more help or information on this app at

【免費健康App】Couch To 5K-APP點子


Version 1.5 (Upgraded to Support Mango)

【免費健康App】Couch To 5K-APP點子

Version 1.4 (Facebook integration, minor improvements)

Version 1.3 (Minor fixes and general stability updates)

Version 1.2 (New voice cues, improved music support with pauses, pulse-coded vibrator alerts, Turn-for-home notification).

【免費健康App】Couch To 5K-APP點子

Version 1.1 (Improved locked screen support).

【免費健康App】Couch To 5K-APP點子

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