CountItDown! [Daydream]

【免費生活App】CountItDown! [Daydream]-APP點子

CountItDown! is now in beta, with a whole new set of features!

【免費生活App】CountItDown! [Daydream]-APP點子

Did you ever wonder how many days before your birthday? Or how many minutes until the end of class? CountItDown! offers you a simple way to track all those dates, and keeps them close to you, without any advertising in the way. With a beautiful and intuitive interface, CountItDown! will bring you the joy of knowing how much time is left for your favourite moments. Also, you can now see your countdowns in funny units. How many heartbeats till Christmas?

CountItDown! is also Daydream compatible for Android 4.2+.


【免費生活App】CountItDown! [Daydream]-APP點子

Internet - To send crash reports. You can opt-out by disabling it in the settings.

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【免費生活App】CountItDown! [Daydream]-APP點子

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