Counter Man

【免費工具App】Counter Man-APP點子

The perfect electronic clicker for all your counting needs!

Useful for counting game scores, sport scores, sales, vehicles, people, good vs bad, knitting, ratios...and just about anything else you would want to count.

***What's new in this version (1.5):

- iOS 7 support

- Added: User has the ability to reset individual groups by clicking on +/-/0 button

- Added: Duplicate counter (with and without data) for easy creation of counters

【免費工具App】Counter Man-APP點子

- Added: counterman:// URL scheme to enable opening from other apps

- Increased: Maximum number of groups on iPad is now 35 (Pro Version)

- Fixed: Can now play background music if sound is disabled in app

- UI Improvements

**What's new in the previous version (1.4)

【免費工具App】Counter Man-APP點子

- Added Bar Graph

- User can now select which graphs they wish to show

- Negative counting - each counter can now go into negative numbers

- iPhone 5 support


Works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

【免費工具App】Counter Man-APP點子


-Create multiple counters

-Count multiple sub items/groups at a time

-Statistic graphs for each counter including: ratio graph, 2 sequence graphs and counter timing graph

-Upgrade to Pro Version available as a once off in-app purchase to enable full functionality

【免費工具App】Counter Man-APP點子

-Give the counter a name so you can identify each of your counters

-Give each group a name and colour

-Manage existing counters - rename, add/delete groups, colours, reset count to zero

-Full Unicode support

Free Version:

【免費工具App】Counter Man-APP點子

-up to 5 counters

-count 3 items/groups at a time

-Sequence graph

Pro Version:

-unlimited number of counters

-count multiple items/groups at a time

【免費工具App】Counter Man-APP點子

-2 Sequence graphs, group ratio graph, counter timing graph, % progression graph, bar graph

-Counters can be exported or emailed to colleagues (including PDF export)

【免費工具App】Counter Man-APP點子

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