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【免費商業App】Coupa Mobile-APP點子

Do you use Coupa Software?

If your company is lucky enough to have Coupa Software for purchasing, expenses, or both, then you can download this app to help you take important actions on-the-fly.

In the Coupa Mobile app, you can:

* Approve, reject, or hold requisitions & expense reports in your To-Do's.

* Create new expense reports on-the-go.

【免費商業App】Coupa Mobile-APP點子

* Use Quick Receipt to capture expense receipts with your phone and add them to new or existing expense reports.

* View your recently created or approved requisitions & expense reports.

* Receive push notifications for important To Do's and take care of them right away.

【免費商業App】Coupa Mobile-APP點子

* Create and edit expense reports offline, even when your phone is in airplane mode. Save and then submit your updates when you get a connection.

Try it out and send us your feedback through As always, we will continue to add features and improve it for you!

【免費商業App】Coupa Mobile-APP點子

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