CowCam Deluxe

【免費攝影App】CowCam Deluxe-APP點子

Deluxe and ad-free version of CowCam. Take pictures of your friends and let CowCam replace their faces with those of randomly selected farmyard animals. The comedy effect is outstanding. Share on Facebook, Twitter, email, mms, you name it!

Great for parties or for entertaining kids. Fun for all ages!

The original CowCam has been a huge success with over 10k (and counting) pictures generated in less than 2 weeks, so I decided to split them into regular and a deluxe versions.

This deluxe version features more animal faces (hen and donkey) and NO ads whatsoever.


* Cow

* Hen

* Horse

【免費攝影App】CowCam Deluxe-APP點子

* Pig

* Sheep

* Donkey

...More to come!


Before you buy, please be aware that a very few users of Xperia X10 Mini and Droid X have reported problems using CowCam. It has been tested on both without issues. Also seems like custom installs of an Android ROM can cause problems.

Also, note that you need an SD card.

If in doubt, please try out the free version before purchasing this (search market for CowCam)

Thanks and enjoy!

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