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Craving Tracker - Cigarettes is a journaling tool to track when you feel a craving for cigarettes. Simply logging a craving in a journal can sometimes be enough to begin raising the craving to consciousness, and begin reducing the power it has over the conscious mind and will.

Additionally, Craving Tracker - Cigarettes includes a number of questions to answer when each craving event is logged. The questions function as a structured, active imagination exercise, and inherits its structure from CG Jung's description of Active Imagination, as well as "part-work" from Internal Family Systems. The questions are all optional, but serve to help deepen and strengthen your conscious relation with the craving, which can be understood as being driven in part by unconscious complexes, or part-personalities.

A more detailed description of the theories and ideas behind this app are available at

* Application is password-protected

* Email backup of database; backup database to SD

* Email individual craving events, or the entire set of recorded craving events (HTML or Text format)

* App2SD

Keywords: cigarettes; addiction; craving; cigarette; journal; log; active imagination; complexes; internal family systems; Jung; Jungian; complex; smoking; smoking cessation; quit; quitting; new year's resolution; resolutions

【免費生活App】Craving Tracker - Cigarettes-APP點子

【免費生活App】Craving Tracker - Cigarettes-APP點子

【免費生活App】Craving Tracker - Cigarettes-APP點子

【免費生活App】Craving Tracker - Cigarettes-APP點子

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