Crazy fitness 3.0

【免費健康App】Crazy fitness 3.0-APP點子

A charming figure is not far away from you.

"Crazy fitness" is the wife to give up names, wife want to have attractive figure, then find several fitness postures. For me, I just put '

Transferred to the phone.

When do you want to play, open the mobile phones can be practiced, convenient and practical.

Posture distinction by gender, click posture into practice, select a practice group of number and volume, click "Start", the music

, Start going to the gym!

Each exercise is automatically recorded to the "fitness-logging", can easily see practicing and save the health records up to 300 records.

【免費健康App】Crazy fitness 3.0-APP點子

Question about use, please feel free to contact me, contact information in the "about"

Updated 2014-8-7

1. the distinction between women and men posture

2. Add 3 sets of dynamic postures

Updated 2014-8-4

1. fixed a bug and recompile

2. added a song

【免費健康App】Crazy fitness 3.0-APP點子

Updated 2014-7-29

1. Add men's fitness poses

2. fitness can choose prev or next

Updated 2014-6-30

1. Add two position, scope identified each posture exercises

2. replace the third position

3. Add timely reminders, you can choose to practice poses

【免費健康App】Crazy fitness 3.0-APP點子

4. you can select background music

Updated 2014-6-15

1. After you add an ad click, auto-hide, and do not show ads.

2. modify the program's bug

Updated 2014-6-9

1. Add a third set of body posture

【免費健康App】Crazy fitness 3.0-APP點子

2. modify the screen automatically locks and unable to practice problems

【免費健康App】Crazy fitness 3.0-APP點子

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