Protects all your secrets/credentials

Do you want to secure your confidential data from unauthorized access? Is it hard for you to manage too much of confidential information like too many passwords, bank account details, PINs etc. Do you have some confidential file, photo, video which you don’t want anyone to access without your permission?

***CredSecure*** is an app to help you managing your confidential information securely.

With CredSecure, you can manage

✔ Bank/ATM/Credit Card details,

✔ Email Account and other credentials,

✔ Private images and videos,


✔ Official contacts,

✔ Important URLs,

✔ Contact numbers

✔ Important files


…and any other data which you want to keep safe and secure from others.

CredSecure is meant for everyone irrespective of age/profile . Key features of app are:

★ App doesn’t need internet to work and your data is always available

★ No one can access or hack your data via internet.

★ Secures personal data/credentials

★ Easy manageability of confidential data


★ Can encrypts any file irrespective of its format e.g. jpg, mp3, mp4, doc, ppt, pdf etc.

★ Highly Secure app using AES256 encryption algorithms


Q) How do I change app PIN?

A) Launch app, go to menu option and choose “Change Pin”.


Q). How can I see my encrypted photograph or any other encrypted file?

A) Launch app, select category “Photos”, choose an encrypted photo/file and tap on it. This will open the file.



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