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Critical thinking is an essential problem solving tool in the workplace. First, please understand the whole process. Here you will learn the points of critical thinking when identifying and analyzing issues by using concrete examples.

[ How to use ]

This application consists of movies describing the subject and choice tests.

Use the content according to the following flow.

1. Begin from the movie describing the subject.

2. Then, take a number of choice tests.

3. See the result and explanation that follows for each test.

You can directly access the movie or the test whenever you like, even after having challenged them once.

Go to any point by selecting the content on the top index page.

[ Summary ]

1. Description

In the flow of problem solving process, when identifying issues and analyzing them, how to utilize the critical thinking is what we will learn.

2. Questions

【免費商業App】Critical Thinking 3 ES-APP點子

Questions are raised by replacing the points mentioned in 1. with the specific issues and provided in a selection formula in the form of a test.

3. Explanation

Gives a correct answer and explains their meaning with sound about the tests in 2..

[ Attention ]

The use of this application is limited to the personal use.

For the use by the companies or organizations, please contact the following.

- Shubiki Corporation, Global Business Dept.

- glb at (Change at to @ when sending an email.)


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【免費商業App】Critical Thinking 3 ES-APP點子

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【免費商業App】Critical Thinking 3 ES-APP點子

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