Critycall is a mobile application providing information about doctors, hospitals, chemists, labs and ambulance services in your city.

Together we can reach out to all the people out there, and help everyone out with all the medical information we are about to share in Mumbai...

Want Critycall in your city ? Let us know your city name in the comment. The city with the maximum mentions will be covered next...

App Reviews:


"Mumbai Droidneers can nw feel n sleep safe" - - 4.5/5

Permissions Explained:

- Full Network Access: To fetch latest updated details from our servers.


- View Network Connections, View Wifi Connections: To check if Internet connection is available or not.


- Directly Call Phone Numbers: To connect to phone numbers, on clicking the direct call button in the app.

Having any issue with the app ? Please report the error and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Tags: Doctors, Hospitals, Labs, Chemists, Ambulance, Mumbai, India


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