Crypt Market Cap

【免費商業App】Crypt Market Cap-APP點子

The cryptmarketcap app provides quick way to view crypto currencies market capitalizations from you smartphone.

Data includes:

1) Ranking

2) Mini Chart

3) Coin Name / Logo

4) Market Cap

【免費商業App】Crypt Market Cap-APP點子

5) Price

6) % Change

We also have filters available for different currencies including:

1) BTC (Bitcoin)

2) USD

3) EUR

【免費商業App】Crypt Market Cap-APP點子

4) GBP

5) AUD

6) CAD

7) JPY

【免費商業App】Crypt Market Cap-APP點子

8) CNY

You can also sort the columns by ascending or descending by tapping on the column header.

We have not included the total coins mined within the app in order to keep it clean and save space.

【免費商業App】Crypt Market Cap-APP點子

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