Curaca Lite

【免費街機App】Curaca Lite-APP點子

Curaca is a multiplyer round-based online strategy game. The aim of the game is to conquer a complete island. for achieving this goal, the following actions can be taken:

* take land

【免費街機App】Curaca Lite-APP點子

* build villages

* build castles

* buy an army

* attack other games

More functions will come in later versios.

In order to keep the fun of the game in the foreground, thia game does neither require the constant stupid click on fields nor the stay awake at night. Depending on the game, the players have an differtent timeframe to make the turn.

Players will get a notification email when they are on turn again. Player also can send in game messages to other players.

Curaca is similar to Risk, Settlers, Carcasonne, Civilization or Empire

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