Currencies is a multi-currency converter for traveling.

• See multiple currencies at once.

• Conversions for 180+ countries.

• Custom conversions.

• Offline mode.


• Built-in calculator.

• Choosable commission.

• Cheat sheet.

• Automatically detects local currency.

User can disable location usage.

• Automatic rate updates in background.


• Live tile with configurable conversion.

• Link to ATM locator.

• Show notes and coins in Wikipedia.

For details and a demo video see:


Version 2.8.1 (current for Phone 8)

• Fixed bug: Amounts with comma separator did not convert.

• Fixed bug: Custom conversions misinterpreted decimal comma.

Version 2.8

• Supports new, large Windows Phone screen resolutions.


Version 2.7 (current for Phone 7.x)

• Fixed bug: Calculator does not allow multiple decimal separators in formula.

Version 2.6

• New feature "built-in calculator"


• Improved automatic rates update.

• Bugs fixed.

Version 2.5

• New feature "add custom currency".

• Shorter auto-update rates frequency.


• Support for low-memory phones added.

• Bugs fixed. Robustness improved.


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