Cute Kitties Salon

【免費家庭片App】Cute Kitties Salon-APP點子

MEOW MEOW MEOW!..Your cat need some dress up and styling for her day out.

The Cute Kitties Salon is one of the great dress up games, cat game that is perfect for any cat lover to easily choose and groom his lovely kitty.This dress up and makeover games convert your cute little crazy kitty cat into a glamorous hot pet.

Do you love your pet???...Your dressing will show how much you love your pet.

【免費家庭片App】Cute Kitties Salon-APP點子

Make her up with your high fashion & styling skills to really look gorgeous and stunning.

So guys give her a helping hand and let her look her best and win the heart of all in the neighborhood.

【免費家庭片App】Cute Kitties Salon-APP點子

Your kitty look different and attractive among all kitties.

There are a lot of options from make-up and dress up to completely change her looks from head to toe and then let her rock & roll.

***COME ON! Let’s see whose kitty Looks Pretty ***

This is an appropriate fun free game for girls, kids & teens to enjoy with a pet theme entertainment story.

【免費家庭片App】Cute Kitties Salon-APP點子

A tiny story game gives a Pet Salon and caring treatment experience.

Give a new and mod look to gorgeous little cute kitty!

App Main Features:

【免費家庭片App】Cute Kitties Salon-APP點子


o Easy tap and drag game play.

【免費家庭片App】Cute Kitties Salon-APP點子

o Simple and cute game.

o Kids friendly content.

【免費家庭片App】Cute Kitties Salon-APP點子

o Much more make-up items.

o No violence, horror, sex or nudity.

【免費家庭片App】Cute Kitties Salon-APP點子

o No monsters, zombies, dragons or clans.

o No hospitals, doctors, dentists or sickness.

【免費家庭片App】Cute Kitties Salon-APP點子

o Cool background music and HD graphics.

o Share with friends on Facebook.

【免費家庭片App】Cute Kitties Salon-APP點子

o Different backgrounds for dressed kitties.

o Set as Wallpaper.

【免費家庭片App】Cute Kitties Salon-APP點子

o Save the dressed cute kitties image in your SD card.

o Make your kitties look prettier.

How to Play

【免費家庭片App】Cute Kitties Salon-APP點子


• Choose your favorite kitty to get dressed.

【免費家庭片App】Cute Kitties Salon-APP點子

• Dress and shoe her up.

• Chic her up with different item e.g. hat, goggles, bows, hair styles, glasses, toys and crown.

【免費家庭片App】Cute Kitties Salon-APP點子

• Set your cute kitties as wallpaper.

Download and get a full entertainment experience. what else do you NEED Cat LOVERS?



This free game contains ads.

Have a good day and get some time to dress your pet and make it pretty. Enjoy!!

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