CyLight - Flashlight

【免費工具App】CyLight - Flashlight-APP點子

Get the most efficient flashlight in the whole Play Store!

Without bric-a-brac: Lights on, without waste of system ressources.

Fast. Slim. Efficient. That's CyLight!


I've found an error / have a feature request, how to report it?

【免費工具App】CyLight - Flashlight-APP點子

Write me an email. Don't write bugreports or feature requests in the rating section.

【免費工具App】CyLight - Flashlight-APP點子

Which permissions are used by the app?

* Camera

【免費工具App】CyLight - Flashlight-APP點子

We turn on the camera flashlight, so we need to access your camera. Don't worry, we don't take any pictures with it.

* Access Network State

【免費工具App】CyLight - Flashlight-APP點子

* Internet

【免費工具App】CyLight - Flashlight-APP點子

* Billing

We need these three permissions to check if you have bought the adfree version of CyLight and to display the ads if not.

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免費玩CyLight - Flashlight App

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