CyberSnake is inspired by the old classic Snake game, admired all over the world.Unlike the classic 90 degree turning snake, CyberSnake is capable of moving freely, easily following player's swipes. This is not just a timekiller game, it is full of new challenges and fresh action. CyberSnake will meet 6 different bonuses throughout the game, with various effects, some of which are even deadly.Player's goal is to help the CyberSnake eat as much "food" as possible, in order to grow it's tail, and avoid it's vital foes. The gameplay lasts until the CyberSnake hits itself or one of it's enemies. Your aim is to show your best skill and gain the highest score you can - find out once and for all : who has the longest snake among your friends?COMING SOON:* More maps! Simple rectangle arena is too boring for you!? Well we are working on bringing you tons of other maps to make your CyberSnake's life even harder (read:" more exciting")!* Skins! Want your CyberSnake to be actually YOURS!? Well the feature is not so far away!* Combos, adding even more action to the gameplay* New types of food* More and more of exciting gameplay!


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