Czech Namedays

【免費社交App】Czech Namedays-APP點子

Have you ever wanted a professional nameday application with widget? Here you are! With lots of functions!

★ Completely offline

★ Nice and simple widget that shows the current date's and the following 3 days’ namedays

★ Nameday list with dates that can be sorted by alphabet and date as well.

【免費社交App】Czech Namedays-APP點子

★ 17 widget themes

★ The colors of the dates and namedays on the widget is customizable

★ Click on the names to see your phone contacts with the same name and then click on them to send them sms and e-mail, call them, or to see their contact info!

【免費社交App】Czech Namedays-APP點子

★ Contacts of the phone can be linked with a name. Link e.g. „Otec” with „Pavel” and if you click on Pavel in the list, you will not only see the contacts with the name Pavel, but „Otec” as well!

★ Notification alert for namedays

★ Click on the widget to launch app!

【免費社交App】Czech Namedays-APP點子

★ FAQ and tips in the Help menu

★ Ad free!

Developer notes


【免費社交App】Czech Namedays-APP點子

-Storage card (the app the stores the links of contacts with names and the set alerts in txt files in the sdcard/CeskeSvatky folder)

-Personal information (contact info)

-Phone calls (option to call a contact)

If the widget does not load the names, place it again, or reinstall the app without uninstall – this way you don’t lose your settings, links, alerts.

Please send any developer ideas, errors to

【免費社交App】Czech Namedays-APP點子 I try to answer the mails in 48 hours.

Please rate the app and write a comment!

Thank you!

KEYWORDS: svátky, svátek, česky, česká, ceské

【免費社交App】Czech Namedays-APP點子

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