Czech Vocabulary

【免費教育App】Czech Vocabulary-APP點子

This application is designed to help Czech speakers in the intermediate and advanced levels to improve their vocabulary and reading skills.


* 1818 terms and definitions.

【免費教育App】Czech Vocabulary-APP點子

* Vocabulary Player: pause, resume and forward terms like using a media player.

【免費教育App】Czech Vocabulary-APP點子

* Text to Speech: hear and learn the correct pronunciation of every word in the vocabulary.

【免費教育App】Czech Vocabulary-APP點子

* Text to Speech: read word definitions together with the app and improve your reading skills.

【免費教育App】Czech Vocabulary-APP點子

* Two-way quiz: Study and test your Czech to English and English to Czech vocabulary.

【免費教育App】Czech Vocabulary-APP點子

* Swipe enabled: simply swipe the bottom of the screen to fast forward terms.

【免費教育App】Czech Vocabulary-APP點子

* Automatic loading of terms after a defined space of time (6 seconds by default, changeable in Settings).

【免費教育App】Czech Vocabulary-APP點子

* Completely offline (use it on the road), lightweight, runs in all screen resolutions and uses no extra storage.

Text to Speech:

In order to use the Text to Speech features in this app, you will need a Text to Speech engine, such as IVONA or SVOX, with a Czech voice installed and active in your device (voices can be installed directly from inside the app).

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