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Perform a classic magic trick with new technology!

D'Ball is the perfect accessory for Magicians or wannabe Magicians to use along with the D'Lite which you can find at http://www.dlite.com.


You get a colored light ball on your screen that you can change to White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple or Red (Colors of the D'Lites)! When you touch the ball on the screen with your finger it disappears making it go to your hand (D'Lite), then you touch the screen again and the D'Ball reappears! Please leave comments on reactions you get from people you use this app on! Works on Android enabled phones, Android TV, Android Tablet, Android Home Phone System and More! Get your D'Ball today! Use it with the D'Lite at http://www.dlite.com

I always get great reactions from people when I perform this, let us see your audiences reactions! You can also see a video of a customer using this app with the D'lite at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiUqkn02NUI.

Instructions on using D'Ball with D'Lite: You must touch the screen with your actual finger when taking the D'Ball from the app to your hand, it will not work if you touch it with the D'Lite itself. Have your D'Lite on your finger, with the app on the color you want, touch the screen with your fore finger and make your D'Lite come on. Touch the screen again and release the D'Lite while your D'Ball light will automaticly come back on. It's that easy!


App Created by: James Laudermilk - TechJL47@gmail.com (Email me with a link to your video of people's reactions to D'Ball on YouTube please!)

If you like this app PLEASE put a kind review. I know it's not perfect yet but I'm working on it and it's only .99 Cents! :)

WARNING: Please do not buy this app if you do not understand that it works with the D'Lite!

If you need clearer instructions on using it, please email me at TechJL47@gmail.com

Thank you fellow Magician!

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