DDKingz Designated Drivers

【免費生活App】DDKingz Designated Drivers-APP點子

We are dedicated to providing safe, cost effective transportation for our clients whether impaired medically or by alcohol. DD Kingz is much more than a taxi, deploying a team of two drivers to get you and your car home safely. Service available for pick-up in the Calgary, Alberta, area and will deliver you home to surrounding areas.

We resolve to reduce the number of preventable tragedies on our roadways, resulting in a safer environment for all of our families.

We Feature:

【免費生活App】DDKingz Designated Drivers-APP點子

- With this app it is easier than ever to get you and your car home safely

【免費生活App】DDKingz Designated Drivers-APP點子

- One touch calling for pick-up

【免費生活App】DDKingz Designated Drivers-APP點子

- Reservations thru app

【免費生活App】DDKingz Designated Drivers-APP點子

- Special loyalty coupons and discounts thru app

- Never miss out on special promotions and events!

We want you to get home safely no matter what the occasion.

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