DJ Cross Mixer

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Do you want to create your own music? Or to play music you have in the way you like more? You're tired from useless dj music software and music making studios? We offer you new way of music creation, with DJ Cross Mixer you can mix the songs which you have and create new, unique music!

HOW TO PLAY: It's a mix music maker where you can mix you songs. You have a volume control for each track, music equalizer, timer for each song and a next button to play another track after the previous is done.

DJ Cross Mixer features:

【免費音樂App】DJ Cross Mixer-APP點子

-DJ mixer player

-Many useful functions

-High-quality sounding

【免費音樂App】DJ Cross Mixer-APP點子

Forget about some difficult dj mixing boards, feel like a real dj with DJ Cross Mixer!

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